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Constitution of North Zone Orthopaedic Association

Memorandum of Association

1. Name of the Society:

The name of the Association shall be “North Zone Orthopaedic Association”.

  1. Head quarter- Till a permanent head quarter is decided the head quarter will be at the station of residence of the secretary of the association. It is recommended, if possible a head quarter may be established at a central place of northern region a suitable place in the TRICITY may be an ideal placeArea of activity- Till a permanent head quarter is decided the head quarter will be at the station of residence of the secretary of the association. It is recommended, if possible a head quarter may be established at a central place of northern region a suitable place in the TRICITY may be an ideal placeAims and objectives:-
    1. To promote and development of orthopaedic surgery on scientific lines.
    2. To dissipate the knowledge of recent developments amongst the members.
    3. To help in devising ways and means to apply the knowledge gained to Indian conditions.
    4. To study the orthopaedic problems encountered in the region & device ways & means to suitably manage them.
    5. To device ways to cut down the cost of treatment so as to make it affordable to masses.
    6. To establish and maintain reference library/libraries relating to orthopaedic surgery.
    7. To promote ethical practice amongst the members.
    8. To promote brotherhood amongst the members.
    9. To serve as an agency for safe guarding the interests of its members

    To attain these, without prejudice to the generality of the objectives.

    1. To hold annual conference of NZOA once a year in accordance to the objectives of the association.
    2. To publish a news letter of NZOA about the activities of association and any other publication/literature/book /research work etc.
    3. To promote publication of orthopaedic literature/books and institute an award on publications.
    4. To institute fellowships, orations, prizes, awards for the purpose of the objectives.


    Article 1

    Membership of the association shall comprise of

    1. Honorary fellows
    2. Overseas members
    3. Life members
    4. Associate members
    5. Honorary fellows :- Honorary fellows may be elected from men or women of distinction including general public residing in India or abroad, who have made outstanding contribution to the progress of orthopaedics & rehabilitation of orthopedically handicapped and above 65 years of age.

    They will be guest of honor in any meeting. No fee of any kind will be changed from them; the host of the meeting will make all the arrangements for the stay of the fellow. Honorary membership shall be conferred by the general body on recommendation of the executive.

    1. Overseas members :- orthopaedic surgeon living abroad can become members of the association after paying the due fee and following the same procedure as per life members.

    These over seas members will enjoy all the privileges of life members except that they will not contest an election. However they can be nominated to any committee as desired by the executive.

    1. Life members :- 
    2. A person having postgraduate degree or diploma in orthopaedic recognized by medical council of India and actively practicing orthopaedic shall be eligible for membership.
    3. Shall have a good conduct and there should be no legal or disciplinary proceedings against him.
    4. Should be recommended by two sitting members of the association.
    5. Shall pay the necessary enrolment fee as prevailing at the time.

    The application will be scrutinized by the executive & if recommended shall be approved in the general body meeting.

    Subscription Fees :-

    1. Associate Members: Rs.1000/- one time payment

    Full Life Members Rs.1000/- one time payment

    Honorary Members: Nil

    1. The General Body reserves the right to revise the subscription from time to time

    Rights & privileges:-

    • Shall constitute member of the general house.
    • Participate in all activities of the association.
    • Right to vote in a business meeting of the association on all matters.
    • Contest election for an office as per rules.
    • Enjoy all the privileges of a member of the association.
    • Receive publication/ newsletter of the association.

    Associate members : – A person who has been admitted as a post graduate student and is under going training in orthopedics can be enrolled as an associate member on nomination by two life members, recommendation of the executive & approval of the general house.

    The enrolment fee for the associate member shall be the same as that of the life member.

    After completion of postgraduate studies & registration of the post graduate qualification by the medical council, can be admitted as a life member.

    Associate member shall be entitled to participate in scientific and cultural activities of the association but will have no right to contest election or vote in a business meeting. He shall have neither right to vote nor right to get elected. However he may be permitted to watch the proceedings by the chair.

    To receive the publication the association.

    Suspension/ termination of membership:

    If the activities of a member are found to be prejudicial to the NZOA or its objectives the executive can call the explanation of the member giving a notice of 15 days, if found to be guilty the executive can suspended the member form primary membership.

    In the next general body meeting the president will explain to the house the circumstances & reasons for the suspension of the member. General house can revoke the suspension or approve the suspension for a specific period by a simple majority or terminate the membership by a 2/3 majority of the house.

    Readmission of the member can be considered by the general house on recommendation of the executive after two years.

    Resignation & Explosion of Member (S) Office Bearer (S):-

    A member shall cease to be a member of the society in the following events:-

    • If he / she resign by giving one month notice and his/her resignation shall not take effect until it is accepted by the executive.
    • If he / she become of unsound mind or is convicted in criminal offence involving moral turpitude.
    • If he / she works against the spirit of the object rules and regulations of the society.
    • If his / her activities are disgraceful, harmful or dangerous for the regard and respect of the society.
    • The membership will be ceased, if any member, life member or founder member of the Society is found guilty of embezzlement of society funds or any member, life member or founder member works against the interest of the society.

    Article 2

    Executive committee

    Shall consist of

    President –                   One

    Vice presidents –         Two

    Secretary –                  One

    Joint secretary –          One

    Finance secretary –     One

    Executive members – One from each state one from U.T

    President elect

    Past president

    Past secretary


    • President shall be a member of the association for a minimum of 10 years.
    • He should have been an executive member for one term.
    • Term of the president shall be one year.

    Rights & duties:-

    • Will preside over all meetings executive or general body.
    • Can call an emergency meeting of executive on a specific issue of paramount importance.
    • Can nominate executive members till next general body meeting.
    • Can suspend an executive/ general body member with the approval of executive on a specific charge.

    President elect:-

    Shall be elected one year in advance.

    Shall take over as president next year in annual general body meeting.

    Shall be the election officer.

    Vice president:-

    Term of vice president shall be 1 year

    • Shall be member of the association for at least 5 years
    • Should have served the association as executive member

    Duties &  privileges:-

    • Shall preside over the meeting in absence of the president.
    • Shall be chairman of the audit committee & present the audited accounts of the association at General body meeting.

    Honorary secretary:-

    • Should be a member of the association for at least 5 years.
    • Should have same the association as executive member.
    • Tenure of the secretary will by 3 years.
    • Can have maximum 2 terms.

    Duties & privileges:-

    • Shall call the meetings of executive & the general body in consultation with the president.
    • Shall correspond with other  associations& organizations on behalf of the association
    • Will be the spokesman of the association.
    • Shall maintain the record of the association except finances.

    Joint secretary:-

    • Should be a member of the association for at least 5 years.
    • Should have been member of the executive for one term

    Duties & principles:-

    • Shall assist the secretary in his duties.
    • If a permanent headquarter is established he will be from the city as in IOA and shall keep the records of the association.
    • Till a permanent office is established he will help the secretary in his duties.
    • He will be member secretary of the audit committee.

    Finance secretary:-

    • Finance secretary will collect funds of the association.
    • Will maintain the record of the receipts & expenses.
    • Will get the   accounts audited by the audit committee.
    • Can have maximum 2 terms.

    Executive member:-

    • Should be a member of the association for last 3 years.


    1. Election to executive committee shall be held during the annual general body meeting.

    Election officer shall call the nominations.

    Each candidate shall be nominated by two members.

    The candidate shall give his consent to be elected

    In case of contest the candidate will be elected by simple majority of the house.

    Vacancies: in case of a vacancy in the executive president may nominate a member to the executive    to the committee. The tenure of the nominated member will be till the next general body meeting.

    Absence from meeting:-

    A member abstaining for three consective meetings without prior intimation shall be deemed to  house resigned.

    Special invites:-

    President elect past president & past secretary will be special invites be every executive meeting.

    Executive may call a member or a non member as a special invite for a specific issue.

    Such invite shall have no voting right.


    • Executive may appoint various committees from amongst the members for carrying out specific duties
    • Term of the committees shall  be 3 years
    • Each committee will have three members.
    • No member will head more than one committee how ever  he can be member of more then one committees
    • A member can head a committee for maximum of two terms.
    • The chairman of the committee will submit the report of the committee to the secretary for discussion in the executive
    • Secretary will present the report to  the general body

    Accounts & finances

    1. Financial year of the association shell be from 1st April to 31st march.
    2. Finance secretary shall have the charge of all the money & assets of the association.
    3. Finance secretary shall open an account in the name of the association in a nationalized bank.
    4. Keeping a reasonable amount for day to day annual expenses in the saving account rest of the money shall be kept in a fixed deposit.
    5. All property & money shall be vested in the name of the association.
    6. All subscriptions/ donations shall be made to the finance secretary in the name of the association
    7. No member of any committee shall incur any expenses without written permission of the secretary & finance secretary.
    8. The account of the association shall be operated jointly by the treasurer and one of the following members.
    • President
    • Secretary
    • Joint secretary

    Scientific meetings:-

    • At least one scientific meeting shall be held every year.
    • Venue of the meeting will be decided by the general body at its annual meeting.
    • GB will select an organizing secretary for the conduct of the meeting.

    Criteria for selection of the venue:-

    The prospective organizer will apply to the secretary for holding the annual conference at least one month before the general body meeting.

    Prospective organizer must have attended at least three previous scientific meetings.

    • The venue must have necessary infrastructure  for holding the meeting
    • The prospective organizer must be personally present in the general body meeting to make the bid.

    The venue of the meeting will be decided by the general body on recommendation of the executive keeping in view the following criteria.

    1. 1st preference to be given to the state which has not held the meeting during last five years.
    2. Similarly in the state, 1st preference to be given to the city which has not hosted a meeting during last five years.
    3. In the city, 1st preference to be given to the institute which has not hosted a conference during last five years.
    4. The general body will appoint an organizing secretary for the conduct of the conference.
    5. The organizing secretary will be responsible for conduct of the conference and shall be authorized to open & operate a separate account for the conference.
    6. Organizing secretary in consultation with the secretary shall decide about the delegation fee.
    7. Delegation fee shall not be more then 20% of the previous year.
    8. Members above the age of 65 shall be exempt from payment of delegation fee. However they shall pay normal fee for any workshop.
    9. Organizing secretary will submit complete accounts of the conference to the secretary with in 6 months of the conference failing which the organizing secretary shall be liable to disciplinary proceedings.
    10. 20% of receipts of the conference shall be deposited with NZIOA
    11. The account of the conference will be placed before the house in the next general body meeting.

    Article 2

    General Body Meeting:-

    • There shall be annual general body meeting on the second day of the conference before lunch & its time & place would be incorporated in the programme broacher.
    • No change in time and place will be permitted under normal circumstances.
    • Agenda for the general body meeting will be decided by the executive.
    • Quorum for general body shall be 25% of members.

    If the required quorum is not there the meeting will be adjourned & reconvened after one hour at the same venue, then the present members will from the quorum for the meeting.

    Any member who wishes to move a resolution shall send it in writing to the secretary at least one month before the General body meeting.

    President may allow a member to move a resolution which has not been submitted to association under extra ordinary circumstances.

    Extra ordinary general body meeting:-

    An extra ordinary general body shall be called by the president, on the requisition of at least 25% members, on a specific issue.

    The meeting shall have to be convened after 30 days of receipt of notice

    The secretary shall inform all the members about the meeting and its agenda with in 2 weeks of the requisition.


    General body will decide about the membership fee on recommendation of the executive.

    Finance secretary will maintain the accounts of the association.

    The accounts will be audited by the audit committee headed by the vice president.

    The accounts shall be presented in the general body meeting for the approved of the house.

    The funds of the association will be deposited in a nationalized bank.

    Amount required for annual day to day expenses will be kept in a saving bank account.

    Rest of the amount will be deposited as fixed team deposit


    Association publishes its news letter which will continue be published as such.

    Fellowships:- The fellowship committee shall decide about the fellowships and frame rules for it Ludhiana travelling Fellowship will continue in its present form.

    Orations:- Oration committee will decide about the orations.Duraiswami and Grewal memorial orations will continue in the present form.

    These committees will communicate their recommendations to the secretary & organizing secretary at least 3 month before the meeting.

    Executive with approval of the general house may decide about any more publication, oration, fellowship or award.


    An amendment to the constitution can be done by a 2/3 majority of the General body.

    The amendment shall be approved by the executive committee and circulated amongst the general body members at least one month before the General Body Meeting.


    The association can be dissolved by a resolution passed in an extra ordinary general body meeting called for the purpose by 2/3 of the members and all assets & records  be disposed off as decided by the house.

    Property Immovable and Movable:-

    Immovable and movable property shall vest in the executive committee.  The management and affairs of the society shall vest in executive committee subject to the directions, control and supervision of the General Body.

    The Manner Of Making, Altering And Rescinding Rules And Rescinding Rules And Regulations:-

    The Society shall make, alter and rescind its rules and regulations as per Section 12 and 12-A of the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

    The Manner Of Dissolution Of The Society And Such Other Matters As May Be Though Expedient Having Regards To The Nature And Objectives Or The Society:-

    If the upon the winding up of dissolution of the Association society thereof, remains after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities shall not be given to members or transferred to some other institution having objects similarly to the objects of the society to be determined by the members of the society or before the time of dissolution.

    If the Society wants to wind up the society, it shall be so as per the provisions of Section 13 and 14 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

    That the list of General Body/Executive Committee would be sent to the Registrar of the Societies by 30th Jan. every year.

    That the rules have been framed under the provisions of the Act and the Society would abide by the provisions of the Society.